Thanks for checking out our story! We are Bob and Sarah Smith, owners, chef, brewer, waitress, bookkeeper, dishwashers, floor moppers… name it, we do it!

On April 30th, 2010 we opened as Commercial Brewery Equipment. It seems like such a long time ago, but the excitement of that time still remains. We had bought our house in Fayetteville in 2012 and Bob’s mom, Linda Smith had bought the commercial property where Big Cat now sits, the same year. She had originally planned for the building to house her bronze foundry and studio. But then, word got out around town that Bob was a chef and graduate of The Beer Brewers Guild.

Being that the building had previously been Big Al’s Biker Bar, the Oregon residents started making requests for another restaurant. And it had been a topic that we had discussed frequently. Bob had been a chef around Napa County for a number of years, and Sarah had waited tables for a long time while finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Underwater Basket Weaving.

So, we took the plunge! Our oldest daughter was 18 months at the time, and then our second daughter was born in 2017. In 2012, Bob started homebrewing. We had been craft brew fans for quite some time and it was exciting to watch and visit the breweries popping up around Portland. And out of that 5 gallon bucket, Bob was making some good beer! Then, he got to thinking how much better the beer would be if only he could have the proper equipment, and what a great addition the beer would be to our business!

For two years, we scraped the money together and the commercial brewing equipment arrived in October 2014. We put our first beer on tap June 5, 2015, and Bob has been a brewing maniac ever since.

The transition to Big Cat Brewing Company from Commercial Brewery Equipment occurred May 10th, 2009. It’s a whole new adventure all over again! So, come on in and enjoy some great beer and food!